[ofiwg] 3/18 OFI WG - presentation: response to MPI Req

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Mar 18 07:53:56 PDT 2014

We will continue with Bob Russell's comments to the OFI WG today.

As a discussion point for today's meeting, I believe that the OFI WG has enough application requirements to begin developing API details; even as we continue to gather additional requirements from more applications.  We still need to hear more input from storage and database systems, and I would like to get input from the Linux distros.

At any rate, I anticipate the OFI WG discussions might become quite lively.  :)

If there is time, I have prepared a response to the MPI requirement presentation given by Jeff.  The response looks at the MPI requirements in the context of the libfabric proposal.  It attempts to identify where an API requirement is currently met, how one might be met, or needs to be addressed.  This is looking at the API design only, not any underlying implementation.  The MPI community specifically requested to be involved developing the APIs, so I would expect iterative discussion as a framework is selected or defined and enhancements are made.

- Sean
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