[ofiwg] [OFIWG-MPI] FI Architecture slides for OFI WG meeting tomorrow

Tsai-yang Jea tjea at us.ibm.com
Wed May 21 07:30:10 PDT 2014

Hi Sean,

Thank you for the presentation.  I am using Linux machine and somehow the
OpenOffice does not like those powerpoint files too much. It can open the
file but some of the slides are not displayed correctly.

Is it possible that to generate a "pdf" file along with the .pptx file in
the future?



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I've attached a version 2 of the architecture slides that I presented
today.  If anyone has questions or comments, please feel free to chime in
on the mail lists.  The changes are:

I added a note clarifying that this is conceptual, and that the objects
mentioned may not actually be directly mapped to a specific software
structure or class as defined.  That level of detail would still be worked
out.  As just a possible example, it may not make sense for provider
interfaces to be derived from a base object.

This version removes the 'interface' object and instead adds that
capability as an operation of the base class.  This more easily allows any
object to be extended.

I also added an SRQ object for sharing buffers among multiple endpoints.

Finally, I defined a new object, and EQ group, which is a collection of
EQs.  The definition of an EQ group is related to the progress model
identified at the end of the slides.

- Sean

[attachment "2014-05-27-fi-arch.pptx" deleted by Tsai-yang Jea/Watson/IBM]
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