[ofiwg] discussion points from 2014-05-27 OFIWG meeting

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue May 27 10:25:37 PDT 2014

Please respond if there are other areas that need to be addressed.  But these seemed to be the most significant comments from today's meeting.

An ask was made to show how current features/objects/items _could_ map to the proposed architecture.  I will target trying to have an initial cut of this for IB and iWarp by June 10th.  This will be useful in identifying any gaps in the architecture.

A specific feature request was made to allow receiving all traffic, including multicast traffic - 'sniffer' mode.  Architecturally, I think this requires supporting unconnected receives from *any* source, plus interfaces to configure an endpoint for this mode of operation.

A point was raised about abstracting multiple EQs behind a single EQ.  For example, supporting both CM and completion events on the same EQ.  Architecturally, this _may_ be possible, though the interface details need to be worked through.  I would like to revisit this after discussing progress, EQ groups, and the proposed EQ interfaces in more detail, which I think will more clearly highlight the trade-offs.

- Sean

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