[ofiwg] OFI WG - minor naming issue -- asking for comment

Ryan, Jim jim.ryan at intel.com
Fri Nov 7 09:13:16 PST 2014

I’m sorry for this additional email to the reflector. Based on some of the responses I got, I need to explain how I intend to use the abbreviation “SFI”. The abbreviation “SFI” would follow the use of the term “Scalable Fabric Interface” in a press release or whatever, so it’d be clear from that context.

Thanks again, Jim

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Subject: [ofiwg] OFI WG - minor naming issue -- asking for comment

I would like to launch some marketing initiatives around making use of the term “SFI” instead of “libfabrics”. I believe SFI has more marketing appeal in press releases, presentations and so on. Furthermore, I believe SFI has been used in WG meetings, face-to-face meetings, and so on.

My interest is in using the term SFI for marketing purposes, not necessarily in displacing the term libfabrics for technical purposes. I believe it’d be no problem for example, for a press release to use the term SFI and point to a libfabrics library.

However, I want to be sure using the term SFI doesn’t hamper the activities of the WG in any way, nor assume this is a “don’t care”. I’d like to give you a chance to comment by email and, if necessary, make it a topic for a future WG meeting

Thanks very much, Jim Ryan, cell (503) 970-9246
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