[ofiwg] OFI WG - minor naming issue -- asking for comment

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At one point, I googled all the _FI and SFI was one of the least conflicted. 

Every acronym is taken already unless we go to 4+ characters. The conflict noted below is unlikely to confuse any human. 


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> On Nov 7, 2014, at 6:56 PM, "Ryan, Jim" <jim.ryan at intel.com> wrote:
> Jason, thanks for the note and this is a critical point. You've set it up nicely. The point, I think, is that abbreviations are inherently "non-specific". If you Google "SFI" you'll get all kinds of things, including the Wikipedia definition of the "Sustainable Forest Initiative", a non-profit organization for quality standards for race cars and many others. That's why it's important the context is set by providing the full text "Scalable Fabric Interfaces".
> At the same time, I wouldn't consider using the abbreviation "IBM" in this way. Some abbreviations should be viewed as simply taken.
> Therefore I think the ultimate questions is whether any of the other uses of "SFI" rise to the level of making it essentially unavailable for our use
> Thanks again for the point you made
> Regards, Jim
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> On Fri, Nov 07, 2014 at 05:33:38PM +0000, Hefty, Sean wrote:
>>> I???m sorry for this additional email to the reflector. Based on 
>>> some of the responses I got, I need to explain how I intend to use 
>>> the abbreviation ???SFI???. The abbreviation ???SFI??? would follow 
>>> the use of the term ???Scalable Fabric Interface??? in a press 
>>> release or whatever, so it???d be clear from that context.
>> Libfabric doesn't just jump off the marketing pages?  :)
> SFI is also already used by a trade association for the electrical specificaiton for the physical interface between a chip and a
> SFP+/QSFP+ module.
> Jason
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