[ofiwg] selecting a fabric for a destination

Reese Faucette (rfaucett) rfaucett at cisco.com
Wed Oct 8 22:03:28 PDT 2014

> feature that you're wanting is topology information.  The fabric
> object should be the place for that data, but we need to define what that
> data looks like.  I think that's a much larger discussion that I'm sure would
> fall well into next year, and introduce entirely new sets of data structures
> and interfaces.  (Maybe there's a small group of people who could start
> work on designing this?)

OK, will table for now and start collecting things I'd like to see.

>   Is there a more direct way?
>>  Making stuff up now... the fi_info attributes (fi_fabric_attr, fi_domain_attr, etc.) could
> include context fields 

Yes, that or some close cousin seems a likely approach.


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