[ofiwg] Potential agenda items for today

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Tue Oct 14 08:25:24 PDT 2014

In discussing possible agendas for today's meeting, Sean offered the following thoughts.  Let's pick from among this list for today's agenda.


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If I were there I would probably discuss the architectural changes that introduced the transmit/receive contexts and their relationships to endpoints, but I'm not sure anyone else knows my thoughts on this enough to comment for me.  :)

Last week I covered a proposal for handling 'credits'.  I don't think we've bottomed out on that.

I also don't think we've bottomed out on how to expose flow control details through the API.

Both of these topics feed back into transmit/receive contexts.

But, really the biggest things missing at this point from a 1.0 release is the implementation, followed by some example programs, and apps analyzing the interfaces to see how well it meets their needs.  Can we get the owners of the requirements that have been submitted to give a thumbs up/down as to whether they feel that the proposed interfaces meet their needs or not, and identify any critical requirements not being met?

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