[ofiwg] Next draft of proposed abstract for SC15 libfabric BoF (urgent)

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Greetings - here is the next draft of the abstract for the libfabric BoF proposal.  Please read and comment quickly, the final proposal is due tomorrow evening.

Also, please be sure to review the proposal for the DS/DA BoF that was circulated last night.


Title: An Update on Libfabric, a new API for User Mode IPC

Session Leaders: (I intend to list everyone who is a presenter for the libfabric tutorial.  Please speak up if you do NOT wish to participate in the BoF, or if you are not a tutorial presenter but would like to be included in the BoF.)
This session re-convenes the parties to an SC13 BoF titled, "Discussing an I/O Framework".  The results of that BoF motivated the formation by the OpenFabrics Alliance of a project to develop network APIs targeted at specific consumers of network services.  The first result of that project was the recent release of libfabric, an API designed for user mode IPC operations.  This new API is targeted at middleware such as MPI and at programming models and languages such as PGAS and SHMEM.  The objective of the BoF is to re-engage the community to checkpoint progress to date and to discuss future API developments.

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This abstract is a bit vague regarding what the BoF is about.

What is the title of the BoF?  An option would be to sell it as a user's group meeting (OFI-UG?) to encourage participation by more potential consumers.

I wouldn't waste words in the abstract tying the BoF back to the tutorial, especially since you want people who do not attend your tutorial to attend the BoF also.  Rather, since OFI is relatively new, I'd spend a sentence or two saying what it is.  If there's any sort of structure you can promise, that would be nice too.  For example, "This BoF will begin with an overview of OFI and the current development status including updates from provider implementors, followed by a discussion and Q&A with the audience."

Are you proposing a 1 hour or 1.5 hour BoF?  If the longer one, you could ask consumers to report on their status during the BoF.

Finally, I'd save the "why OFI and this BoF is important" sentences for the "Proposal" section of the submission.

-- Sung

On Mon, Aug 03, 2015 at 09:55:45PM +0000, Paul Grun wrote:
> This BoF builds on the spirit of the tutorial "Introducing OFI" and provides opportunities for broadening the  engagement between the intended consumers (MPI, PGAS, SHMEM, Chapel...) and the developers of the new libfabric API.  From the outset, a guiding principle of the OFI project has been its consumer-centric approach to developing APIs, hence this BoF is crucial both in continuing to develop the API and in aiding consumers in deploying it.  With its recent public release the BoF will result in broadening adoption of the API, delivering valuable input to the working group developing it, and accelerating its adoption.
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