[ofiwg] libfabric dpa provider

Paolo Inaudi p91paul at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 11:12:07 PDT 2015

Thanks for the feedback to everybody.

Il 02/10/2015 19:35, Hefty, Sean ha scritto:
> Paolo's work probably can't be integrated under its current license, but libfabric supports external providers.
In fact, libfabric-provider-dpa currently builds as a shared library and 
installs as /usr/lib/libfabric/libdpa-fi.so

Il 02/10/2015 19:28, Howard Pritchard ha scritto:
> Is the intent to eventually have this provider included in the 
> upstream ofiwg code?
Let's say it is not my goal for the next week, especially since some 
mandatory features are missing (notably event counters). But eventually, 
why not.

Il 02/10/2015 19:04, Woodruff, Robert J ha scritto:
> I think he said LGPL not GPL, but the OFA prefers the dual BSD/GPL 
> license.
I did say LGPL.

Il 02/10/2015 19:14, Hal Rosenstock ha scritto:
> Does OFA allow for GPL only (or LGPL) license ? I’m no lawyer but the 
> OFA ByLaws indicate the following in order:
> 1.Unrestricted
> 2.Dual (GPL/BSD)
> 3.BSD only
Thanks for the licensing feedback everybody. I will rediscuss licensing 
with both my supervisor (prof. Marco Aldinucci, currently in CC) and A3Cube.

Il 02/10/2015 19:28, Howard Pritchard ha scritto:
> I'm having problems with building your fork of libfabric. Did you do 
> something to
> make it only build for a restricted build environment?  autogen.sh 
> isn't present, and if
> I do manual autoreconf, configure (no options) then when I try to make 
> I get a compile error
> owing to incorrect include path options.
In fact, I didn't do anything special to make it build in a restricted 
environment, but I didn't do anything as well to make sure it builds 
everywhere :)

Apart of my not-so-portable build scripts, your major problem is that 
the provider requires DPALIB, which is part of A3Cube driver offering. 
DPALIB and the driver are open source under LGPL (which partly explains 
my license choice), although they don't distribute it publicly.

If you can't wait to get your hands on it, I suggest you contact A3Cube 
directly also to get access to their fabric: 
http://a3cube-inc.com/contact-us.html. Meanwhile, given this strong 
feedback and interest, I will reach them so that they are directly 
involved in this discussion.

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