[ofiwg] Reminder: libfabric download location has moved

Sung-Eun Choi sungeun at cray.com
Tue Apr 12 12:59:12 PDT 2016

Thanks for your answers, Jeff.

> > If we're going to keep this structure, is it possible to put a link to
> > the latest one at the to level or somewhere that is version number
> > independent?
> There's [fabtests|libfabric]-latest.tar.[bz2|gz] in the v1.2.x directory (and will be in the v1.3.x directory) that is updated each night a new nightly snapshot is put in the directory.  Is that sufficient for your needs?

That's the one I'm using now, but I have to remember to update our
test scripts when we change to using the next version's directory.  So
I was thinking something that was in a version-number independent

-- Sung

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