[ofiwg] ofiwg face to face meetings

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Wed Oct 19 16:30:13 PDT 2016

At the last ofiwg, the possibility of 2 face to face meetings was discussed.

The first proposal was to hold a developer focused hack-a-thon.  The scheduling for such an event has not been defined; this is still exploratory.  My goals for a hack-a-thon would be to address what I would refer to as 'janitorial' work: adding new tests, cleanup of existing tests, improving test readability, enhancing documentation (outside of the man pages), expanding the utility providers, modifying existing providers to make use of utility/common code, etc.  These are things which individually require a short amount of time to complete, but never hit a high enough priority for people to address during the course of their normal work.  Yet they are often crucial to the overall success of the project.

Please bring any input to the next ofiwg meeting or email the list.  It was suggested that this might be doable alongside SC 16, but I'd personally would rather have dedicated development time, rather than working around a conference schedule.

The second possibility was raised by Jim.  The OFA conference is April 4-8, with the keynote on Monday evening.  OFA is wanting to know ASAP (for scheduling purposes) if the ofiwg would like to meet early Monday.  It sounds like there is no special requirements if the ofiwg wants to meet late afternoon or in the evening (or other days of the conference).  Unless someone puts forth a specific request for a meeting early Monday, I will respond to OFA that the ofiwg will not be meeting early enough to require blocking out rooms for Sunday evening.

It's possible that if a hack-a-thon is held in the December-February timeframe (those sound like perfect months to be in Hawaii to me), that there may not be a need for a separate ofiwg meeting at the OFA workshop.

- Sean 

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