[ofiwg] Blue Gene /Q OFI Libfabric provider open source contribution to OFIWG git repo

Coffman, Paul K. pcoffman at anl.gov
Wed Sep 28 11:59:51 PDT 2016

Argonne has developed an OFI Libfabric implementation running on Blue Gene /Q, with myself as the designated maintainer.  It is currently in-house proprietary software that we would like to open source and contribute back to the OFIWG git repo.  We intend to continue to develop and support this software for BGQ users here at Argonne for probably the next 3 years, with myself remaining as the official maintainer.  The state of the code is nearing a point of stability, performance and functional correctness where we feel comfortable releasing it to the open source community.  I would like to solicit feedback from the community and particularly the owners of the repo regarding the timeline and steps for doing this --- ie should we just submit a pull request, should this be done before/after a particular release, etc.  Thanks.

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