[ofiwg] Blue Gene /Q OFI Libfabric provider open source contribution to OFIWG git repo

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Wed Sep 28 12:06:26 PDT 2016

> Argonne has developed an OFI Libfabric implementation running on Blue
> Gene /Q, with myself as the designated maintainer.  It is currently in-
> house proprietary software that we would like to open source and
> contribute back to the OFIWG git repo.  We intend to continue to
> develop and support this software for BGQ users here at Argonne for
> probably the next 3 years, with myself remaining as the official
> maintainer.  The state of the code is nearing a point of stability,
> performance and functional correctness where we feel comfortable
> releasing it to the open source community.  I would like to solicit
> feedback from the community and particularly the owners of the repo
> regarding the timeline and steps for doing this --- ie should we just
> submit a pull request, should this be done before/after a particular
> release, etc.  Thanks.

The first rc for the 1.4 release will occur soon (target is this week).  So, merging it after the 1.4 release seems preferable.  But you can submit a PR with the changes now.
For the PR, it is helpful if you separate out all changes to the libfabric core into its own commit(s).

- Sean

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