[ofiwg] RSOCKETS client rconnect() error

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Thu Feb 22 08:31:21 PST 2018

> I was tried to use libibverbs library, but, in server side,
> ibv_alloc_pd caused segmentation fault and it makes me spends really
> really long times. I heard it is caused because passed (parameter,)
> context pointer value is invalid, but it seemed not(I checked it via
> gdb). <- Finally I didn't figure out the reason.
> So, I changed library to RSOCKETS. just changed socket program to
> rsocket by change functions to 'r' prefixed. Server is looks ok, but
> when try to rconnect in client, client returns 'Cannot allocate
> memory' error message.
> What is wrong with my program? I just followed examples in networks,
> but failed. I can't catch what is the difference between theirs and
> mine.
> Help me..
> Thanks for reading, and if this e-mail address is not for ask about
> problem, please comment others where to ask. (seriously, there are no
> information and documentation about RSOCKETS !! ;-(  )

As of today, rsocket questions are best directed to linux-rdma at vger.kernel.org (copied).  That goes for libibverbs based questions as well.  Rsockets is intended to mimic standard socket calls, so any socket based man page is relevant.  There is an rsocket man page which provides a small amount of additional details.  See


Of course, none of that tells you where to go with questions...

There are a couple of example programs provided with rsockets.  Are you able to run 'rstream' successfully?

Without knowing more details about your code, it will be really hard to figure out what is wrong.  The following link _might_ help in case you have restrictions on how much memory can be locked down on your system:


- Sean

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