[ofiwg] including NetworkDirect headers in libfabric project

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Wed Mar 28 12:35:54 PDT 2018

> 	I'm sure someone here in OFA can find the Right Someone to talk
> to in Microsoft for us.
> Speaking for the OFA, we can do this for you - unless Sean or
> someone else wants to take this on.

I've submitted a query to MS, which should be routing its way through to the HPC/MPI team there.  I'll give that a few days to happen, then let someone at the OFA board-ish level try to drive this if needed.

The files are downloadable without needing to click on any license agreement.  The ND EULA and notes that come as part of the ND DDK download reference the HPC Pack 2012 SDK, which I think does have a EULA that needs to be agreed to.  But you need to install another package first, so I never got to it.  I think by the time one can build with these headers, they've probably had to agree to about 3 or more EULAs...

Note that we don't include the ND provider as part of any Linux source package.  And, at the moment, we don't create any Windows packages (source or binary).

- Sean

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