[ofiwg] coverity reports

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Fri Apr 15 09:42:22 PDT 2022

I've had several people ask about these emails, and, yes they are intentional.  The Coverity scans require an email to report the results to, and they were originally going to an individual's email address.  The thought was this would allow the developers to see when defects were added, but we also thought that the report would only be sent if there were defects.  *shrug*  We are trying to see if there's a way to only send emails when the numbers below are non-zero.

- Sean

>     Your request for analysis of ofiwg/libfabric has been completed successfully.
>     The results are available at
> https://u15810271.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=HRESupC-
> 2F2Czv4BOaCWWCy7my0P0qcxCbhZ31OYv50yp0yUbWtF-2B8FwvGLTJMQ0Z0Tu4idxQWC9-2BC9eHJwtZW-2BQ-
> 3D-3D_YD0_f9IYZ6Ow1q3vrD6KuvrIXH7YVWc8OOsB9tDVxIyTSCo8jG-2FQP8rraT-
> 2BO4zgY0H5cH8ewWeY8kbbXFvwwMZOy0YQhGUlSRGqcuIzYDEmAQsS40U4wpNmIBCI3a4hchsNKPA9rhUTket6t
> nlDB-2Ba6RTSEJCQc6NTTe3cv3brd4BAvraceeScinPj76pFavuc-2BPoz10kIWb6XIytFPQ6EK0yT-
> 2BJl9vuaI-2B4fFmkHx33m8o-3D
>     Build ID: 450047
>     Analysis Summary:
>        New defects found: 0
>        Defects eliminated: 0

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