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                          OFA Virtual Workshop 2022
                       Agenda and Abstracts Published

                              April 26-28, 2022

   The [1]OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Virtual Workshop is just around the
   corner - April 26-28 - and the Technical Program Committee (TPC) is
   excited to announce that the official agenda and abstracts are now

   The workshop program will include 24 technical sessions and
   demonstrations covering a variety of critical networking topics,
   including advanced network technologies, innovative networking
   approaches, standards, and the open community. Additionally, this
   year's workshop will feature a daily parallel track to provide hands-on
   trainings and tutorials from industry experts focused on the Fabric
   Software Development Platform (FSDP), HPC networking technologies, and
   high-performance Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Data Science.

   To view the full schedule and list of abstracts, visit the Virtual OFA
   Workshop 2022 [2]Agenda and Abstracts  page.


   OFA Virtual Workshop 2022 registration is open and free of charge for
   all attendees. Each day, the OFA will offer a track of standard
   technical sessions while also providing live trainings and tutorials in
   a parallel track.

   Register using the links below or visit the [3]Registration page.


   General Sessions Track Registration

   Live Trainings Track Registration

   Tuesday, April 26
   8:00AM-2:00PM PT



   Wednesday, April 27
   8:00AM-2:00PM PT



   Thursday, April 28
   8:00AM-1:00PM PT



   Thank you to our OFA Workshop 2022 sponsors - Cornelis Networks and
   Intel Corporation - for their invaluable support to this year's event.

   Please contact [10]press at openfabrics.org with any questions.
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