[Ofmfwg] OFMF----Meeting minutes for 8 December

Aguilar, Michael J. mjaguil at sandia.gov
Wed Dec 8 15:51:38 PST 2021

We will be working on these initiatives over the next few weeks and next year.  There will be no formal meeting, until next year.


  *   Website
     *   Nereus, other professionals
     *   OFA Marketing Working Group
     *   Consortium participants should have access to add content, build links, peer-access, SNIA, DMTF, Gen-Z/CXL
     *   Building informational content for types of networks and Agents
  *   Finish year out
     *   Re-group planning
  *   Finish up of Gen-Z PoC?
     *   Agent communication, Russ and Richelle
     *   Reconcile any issues
     *   enhancements
  *   Preparation for a submission to OFA Workshop
     *   PoC-2.0
     *   Reference implementations
     *   GUI
  *   Documenting decisions and Agent Architectures in January
     *   Into the website
  *   CXL Consortium
  *   Fibre-Channel Consortium
  *   Scope of new Use-Cases
     *   RDMA
     *   NVMEoFabrics
     *   Ethernet/Slingshot
     *   Fibre-Channel standardized management
     *   Container deployment
     *   Accelerators
     *   Features and wrinkles

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