[Openib-windows] sdpconnect.exe

Eleanor Witiak eleanor.witiak at qlogic.com
Mon Dec 11 15:38:14 PST 2006

"MMS <sandia.gov>" made the following
 annotations on 12/11/06, 16:38:42
This message included an attachment that is no longer allowed from outside sources.  Because of the need to increase email virus screening, the attachment was deleted from this message.  If you need this file to support a critical business need, please arrange for other means to transfer this file.  

Please check the following web site on how to use other file transfer procedures:

To see a complete list of file types being blocked from outside sources, check the following web site:

If you have any questions, please call CCHD at 845-2243.

The following files were deleted:
image001.png, image002.jpg, oledata.mso


Does anyone knows where the source code for sdpconnect.exe?


Thanks in advance.


Eleanor V. Witiak



King of Prussia, PA


eleanor.witiak at qlogic.com


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