[Openib-windows] Windows SRP multipathing

Andrey Slepuhin andrey.slepuhin at t-platforms.ru
Thu Dec 21 06:12:49 PST 2006

Dear folks,

We have 4-node cluster system using 2 QLogic (Silverstorm) InfinIO 5000 
switches, HP DL385 servers and HP MSA1500cs storage. The cluster is 
working under MS Windows Server 2003 x64. We successfully installed IB 
stack including SRP drivers, and the logical disks on the storage are 
visible on the cluster nodes. The problem is that each disk is 
encountered 4 times due to the multiple paths. We tried HP DSM driver 
for Microsoft MPIO but unfortunately it doesn't work - it seems that the 
driver expects only QLogic and Emulex FC HBAs. Does anybody have an 
experience with IB SRP multipathing on Windows? Any help will be much 

Thanks in advance,
Andrey Slepuhin,
Head of Cluster Solutions Center,

tel.: +7 495 9565490, +7 495 7440995
fax:  +7 495 9565415
mob.: +7 916 1636117

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