[ofw] How to block waiting for a CQE?

Diego Guella diego.guella at sircomtech.com
Thu Feb 19 04:26:02 PST 2009

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>From: "Fab Tillier"
>Hi Diego,
Hi Fab

>If your release schedule lines up with the next WinOF release that includes WinVerbs and libibverbs support,
Are you talking about WinOF 2.1?

>WinVerbs will give avoid all the complib abstractions, and give you the option of getting CQ notifications either via an event, 
>blocking, or to an I/O completion port.  The libibverbs support above WinVerbs would let you share your code between Linux and 
>Windows if that's important to you.

That looks awesome, especially if I can ib_arm_cq() once and get notifications/events/blocking behavior for ever without having to 
rearm() things every loop.


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