[ofw] [PATCH] complib: add cl_nodenamemap

Fab Tillier ftillier at windows.microsoft.com
Sat Feb 28 13:31:32 PST 2009

> Apparently changing the sources file doesn't force a rebuild...


> I replaced USE_MSVCRT=1 with USE_NTDDL=1 before creating this patch.

Wait, complib was linking against the CRT?  Is that a recent change, because my source shows it as linking against NTDLL.

> This breaks the build.  (You have to force a re-build after changing the
> sources file, so my testing was without this change.)  Is there any
> objection to using USE_MSVCRT=1, or does anyone know of an alternate way
> to link in memory, string, and file calls? (malloc, strdup, fopen, etc.)

Having complib use the CRT will make the whole stack use the CRT, since everything that links against complib will end up using the CRT.  Might be a benign change, maybe not.  Could cl_nodenamemap use be replaced with one of the other existing map implementations (cl_rbmap or cl_fleximap?)


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