[ofw] [ANNOUNCE] winOFED 3.1 RC1 available

Smith, Stan stan.smith at intel.com
Wed Apr 25 16:41:41 PDT 2012

OFED for Windows 3.1 RC1 Release is available for download @


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OFED for Windows Release Summary

1) The winOFED 3.1 (RC1) release is based on winOFED source svn revision 3408

   Last OFED release (3.0) based on svn.3376.

2) New Features or Changes:

    Supported environments: (no Windows 8 support until the next release).
        Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2/HPC, Vista and Windows 7 for
        x64, x86 and ia64 processor architectures.

    Checked installers (.msi) are available in the Checked_Installers\ folder.
    Checked implies 'all' installed components are built 'checked'.

    uDAT / uDAPL 2.0.35 code base

    OpenSM upgraded to version 3.3.13
       (see '%windir%\temp\osm.syslog or %windir%\temp\osm.log' for runtime SM details).

    Mellanox RoCE hardware [ConnectX-2/3] supported on win7/Svr2008 R2/HPC x64 only.
       (see RoCE Ethernet driver install in the release notes).

    Mellanox FDR HCAs now supported.

   ***** Special Notes *****

      Last winOFED release to support:

           Mellanox Infinihost HCAs, beyond winOFED 3.1, Mellanox ConnectX HCAs only.
           Vista operating environment.
           Intel ia64 platforms.

2) Bug fixes - all components.

  Read the Release_notes.htm file!

  make 'sure' your Mellanox HCA firmware is up-to-date:
      vstat.exe displays HCA firmware version & PSID.
      flint.exe (found at the Mellanox website, Windows firmware tools download package) displays PSID.

Thank you,

OFED for Windows developers.

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