[openfabrics-ewg] OFED 1.2 - request addition of VNIC as a feature

Madhu Lakshmanan madhu.lakshmanan at qlogic.com
Mon Nov 20 12:42:34 PST 2006

We, at QLogic, request that the VNIC be added as a feature to be
supported in OFED 1.2. 


The VNIC software is a device driver for QLogic's Ethernet Virtual I/O
controller hardware, the VEx and the EVIC.

This software adds support in OpenFabrics for the stated hardware,
without which the hardware cannot be used with OFED. 


The source has been resubmitted for a second round of review. Roland has
created a branch for it off of his master kernel GIT tree.


The code is feature complete today and is undergoing alpha testing on
OFED 1.1. Beta testing will be completed by Dec. 31. The GA candidate
should be available by Jan. 15, well before the Aplha / Feature freeze
date of Jan. 31 for OFED 1.2.




Madhu Lakshmanan

QLogic Corporation

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