[openfabrics-ewg] [openib-general] OFED 1.2 alpha release

Scott Weitzenkamp (sweitzen) sweitzen at cisco.com
Wed Feb 14 12:24:39 PST 2007

I don't remember discussing dropping RHEL4 U3, and would like to add it
back to the official list.  IPoIB multicast does not work correctly (bug
266) in RHEL4 U4, thus RHEL4 U3 is the most recent working RHEL release
in this area (unless it has been fixed in U4 errata kernels).  The new
ib-bonding RPM also says it only supports RHEL4 U3 for Red Hat releases.
We should probably also plan for SLES10 SP1 support in OFED 1.2.


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	Subject: [openib-general] OFED 1.2 alpha release
	In two weeks delay we publish OFED 1.2-alpha1 on
	File: OFED-1.2-alpha1.tgz
	BUILD_ID contains info on all packages sources location.
	Please report any issues in bugzilla
	Tziporet & Vlad
	OS support:
	    - SLES 9.0 SP3
	    - SLES10
	    - Redhat EL4 up4
	    - Redhat EL5 beta2 (only partially tested)
	    - 2.6.20
	    - 2.6.19
	Note: Redhat EL4 up3, Fedora C4, Fedora C6 and SuSE Pro 10 are
not part of the official list.
	We keep the backport patches for these OSes and make sure OFED
compile and loaded properly but will not do full QA cycle.
	    * x86_64
	    * x86
	    * ia64
	    * ppc64 (have not tested user space)
	Main changes from OFED-1.1:

	1.	iWRAP is now supported with Chelsio T3
	2.	New kernel modules: VNIC, RDS, Bonding, SA cache, 
	3.	New packages: MVAPICH2 
	4.	IPoIB Connected mode 
	5.	Multicast join from user space 
	6.	libibverbs 1.1 
	7.	OpenSM new routing models: FAT tree routing and Taurus
	8.	GUI tool for network diagnostic 
	9.	New MPI releases: MVAPICH: version 0.9.9, Open MPI:
version 1.2, MVAPICH2: version 0.9.8 

	Detailed list of changes can be found in:
	Limitations and known issues:

	1.	ipath driver compilation fails on all systems, except
for kernel 2.6.20 
	2.	libipathverbs  is not working with libibverbs 1.1
	3.	SDP netstat does not available on RHEL5 (due to
compilation errors)
	4.	Routing table problem in SLES10 when using port #2 
	5.	RDS compiles only on kernel 2.6.18/19/20 
	6.	MVAPICH2 installation fails on SuSE Pro 10. 
	7.	mstflint is not working on ppc64 
	8.	RDS was not tested

	Missing features that should be completed for the Beta:

	1.	Add madeye utility 
	2.	RDS to support SLES10 and RHEL 

	For details on each module status see:

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