[libfabric-users] connection-less send/recv with verbs

Maurizio Drocco drocco at di.unito.it
Mon Jul 17 12:38:18 PDT 2017

Thank you Arun,

> The server has to be started before the client and it waits for the first message from client.
> The handshake lets the server and the client know each other's fabric addresses which is then used in the data transfer calls.

I understand how the handshake works, but I do not get the requirement of starting the server before the client, in particular in case of connection-less communication.
As far as I understand, fabtests use a spinning wait on top of asynchronous send/recv communication, that should definitively not be influenced by the relative starting order.

Anyway, I think we should consider as resolved the issue I posed.

Conversely, I am collecting a set of behaviors that look to me like not fully matching the documentation.
What is the proper path to report them? Maybe mailing to the ofiwg mailing list?

> FI_LOG_LEVEL=debug FI_LOG_PROV="verbs,ofi_rxm" fi_info -p verbs

Indeed, with this command line the “verbs;ofi_rxm” shows up, maybe it is just matter of some limit on the number of results showed by fi_info.
I will give it a try.

Thank you again for your time.


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