[libfabric-users] connection-less send/recv with verbs

Maurizio Drocco drocco at di.unito.it
Wed Jul 19 03:14:16 PDT 2017

> Actually, you're right. The retry-wait mechanism in the provider or hardware should take care of the re-sending the request again in case it doesn't get a response at first. And this works for me in my setup with ofi_rxm, and sockets providers but not with verbs. There may be some issue in the verbs/RDM implementation.

Another issue that I experience with the verbs provider is that I am not able to instantiate two endpoints to a single domain.
Starting from a code working correctly on verbs with a single endpoint e0, if I create an additional endpoint e1 to the same domain as e0, the code does not work anymore, even if I do not access e1 at all after having created it. By “the code does not work”, I mean it stalls on the first call to fi_recv.

Should I add both mentioned issues to the GitHub issue tracker?

Maurizio Drocco
PhD Candidate
University of Torino, department of Computer Science
Via Pessinetto 12, 10149 Torino - Italy

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