[libfabric-users] Libfabric : Facing issues with FI_VERSION(1, 5) in fi_getinfo()

Subhadeep Bhattacharya sb17v at my.fsu.edu
Mon May 14 08:23:03 PDT 2018


I have few questions regarding the usage of verbs;ofi_rxm provider.

  1.  We have latest OFED driver installed in our cluster and it have mlx5_0. The inet address for infiniband is set to for node 2. However, if I put node and service as NULL and flag as 0 while querying the fi_getinfo, it is fetching the localhost address( instead of ib0( Can you please let us know how to solve this issue.

  1.  I am trying to get read, write and atomics functionality. I can see in the manual that verbs support FI_ATOMIC but ofi_rxm does not support it. Do I need to use both FI_EP_RDM and FI_EP_MSG as endpoint types with verbs;ofi_rxm to enable atomics along with read and write.

We are trying to get read, write and atomics functionality using verbs;ofi_rxm provider of Libfabric. Can you please let us know, which options are necessary to set in hints before passing it to fi_getinfo.

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