[libfabric-users] libfabric on windows?

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Aug 27 12:13:06 PDT 2019

> Last time I looked the libfabric wiki/web etc said that windows support required
> something like network direct (no idea about that). Is there any change to that, does
> anyone support LF on windows, is it a waste of time?

Windows is supported.  You should be able to run the networkdirect, tcp, sockets, and udp providers (plus the utility providers over those).  NetworkDirect is for IB/iWarp/RoCE devices (think of it as libibverbs for Windows).

We run smoke tests on windows as part of all pull requests, but not more involved validation.  However, since the same code is used on Linux and windows, there's a good chance it works well.  We also don't create windows packages for libfabric.  The windows build projects are stored in the git repo.

- Sean

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