[libfabric-users] troubled by FI_SOURCE use

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Mar 12 15:40:04 PDT 2019

> Question:
> Is it possible to setup a connection using only a connectionless endpoint at
> both ends?

Yes - this is the default behavior for fabtests over connectionless endpoints.

> Using a single node (for testing) I'm doing this
> process 0 :  create an rdm connection on one end using src =
> and dst = null, and all appears fine.

Can you confirm the local EP address?  The send below strongly indicates that its port 11111, but can you verify?

> process 1: create an connection using dst = and src=null, all
> appears fine. After creating the endpoint, I can see that this end has been
> assigned a port number of 22222.
> process 1 : creates an address vector with its own address in it and the
> address of process 0 : in it. sends it's own address
> to process 0 which receives it correctly (with the ADDR NOT
> AVAIL flag set)

Are the addresses inserted as 22222 then 11111, or in the other order?  Is this AV map or table?

None of these should matter btw...

> Process 0 now adds the address 127:0.0.1:22222 to its address vector and sends
> a 'hello' message to process 1:

Is 22222 the only entry in this AV?

> process 1 does not receive this message. But process 0 does receive it.

Process 1 is getting a receive completion, not send?

> Why is the message going from process 0 back to process 0 and not to process
> 1?

Are you using rxm+tcp for this?

This sounds like some error in the setup.  Do you have a pointer to the test code that we could run/look at?

- Sean

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