[libfabric-users] troubled by FI_SOURCE use

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Tue Mar 12 16:23:51 PDT 2019

>Sockaddr are in network order.  The printing functions will convert from that to display the actual value used.  If you want 7910, you will need to assign it as htons(7910).

OK. I'll fix that then

>If you are exchanging the addresses by call fi_getname() and sending the raw data to the peer, it should work fine.  That is what fabtests does as well.

yes. It's done using memcpy so no manual changes are made by me.

>AV map returns an fi_addr_t for each address that is inserted.  Please make sure that you're using the value returned from the correct insertion call for the transfer.  If you switch to AV table, you can use a simple index.

>(Note that the provider may always return an index for the fi_addr_t value, but that’s an implementation detail and not an API requirement).

I'll double check what's going on in my address vector lookup just in case I missed something. The fact that you say that it should work tells me that all will be fine and I'll find a trivial mistake somewhere.

>This is using the sockets provider.  Can you update to a newer version of libfabric?
I'm using a recent master. I just forgot to change the FI_VERSION(1,4) to FI_VERSION(MAJOR,MINOR) in my get info call. It comes out as 1.7 now

I'll check the vectors first thing tomorrow. Thanks for taking a look


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