[libfabric-users] suggested multi-recv feature enhancement

Kevan Rehm krehm at cray.com
Sat May 4 01:31:57 PDT 2019


I’d like to suggest a minor multi-recv feature enhancement, if you agree I’ll open an issue.

I use a multi-recv buffer to receive metadata messages from clients.   The first thing I have to do when I receive a message is memcpy it somewhere else so that it is 8-byte aligned, so that I don’t segfault when referencing fields in the message.

It would be nice if there was a fi_setopt() variable for multi-recv buffers, say FI_MIN_MSG_ALIGNMENT, which the application could set to 8 or whatever, guaranteeing that as libfabric lands new messages into the multi-recv buffer that they would be aligned on 8-byte boundaries, so that an application could safely reference metadata messages in-place in the multi-recv buffer without segfaulting, avoiding constant memcpy calls.


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