[libfabric-users] netdir / verbs interop

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Thu Nov 12 14:49:07 PST 2020

> >>> Interopt between Linux and Windows has never been tested.  It should be able to be
> made to work, but likely requires work.
> I stumbled across one interop issue already.  netdir supports up to 256 bytes of
> CM_DATA, verbs only supports 56 bytes (VRB_CM_DATA_SIZE), and verbs sets the first byte
> to the length of the data.  fi_setopt isn't implemented for either provider.  Is there
> any other way to change this?  Again, I suspect not, just want to confirm.

The cm data size is limited by the underlying RoCE/InfiniBand protocol.  56 bytes will be the real limit.

- Sean

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