[libfabric-users] fi_pingpong between different endianess

Clement Barthelemy clement.barthelemy at inria.fr
Wed Aug 25 02:46:27 PDT 2021


I am playing around with the fi_pingpong utility between two machines with different endianness. 

This does not seem to work, the client exits with:

libfabric:16080:core:core:fi_getinfo_():1065<warn> fi_getinfo: provider sockets returned -61 (No data available)

and the server with:
[error] util/pingpong.c:522 : ctrl/read: no data or remote connection closed

The man page for fi_rxm(7) does note that different byte orders are not supported. 

Before I look any further: do other providers support it? I've tried sockets, tcp and udp, with the appropriate endpoint types, to no avail.



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