[libfabric-users] Questions about FI_MULTI_RECV mode

BENDAHHOU, MEDHI (ext) medhi.bendahhou.external at atos.net
Fri Jan 22 08:44:36 PST 2021

Hi everyone,

We are currently working on the development of a new provider, and we are trying to implement resource management RX. We are facing an issue with the MULTI_RECV option and we have several questions about it.
In our case, FI_MULTI_RECV mode is really difficult to handle with good performances when trying to implement bufferization (it prevent us from setting a clear limit between resources for small messages and large ones).
In our mind, MULTI_RECV is usually dedicated for small messages.

  *   Is MULTI_RECV option intended for only small messages or for all messages ?
  *   Would it be acceptable for a provider to set a limit on buffers' size with MULTI_RECV mode ?
  *   If so, what would be a reasonable limit ?

Thank you in advance for your time and input

With kinds regards,

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