[libfabric-users] netdir / fi_getinfo not returning FI_CONTEXT

dshinaberry at MRU.MEDICAL.CANON dshinaberry at MRU.MEDICAL.CANON
Mon Nov 1 13:43:05 PDT 2021

Hello libfabric users,

I've hit another stumbling block related to the netdir provider. If I understand the api correctly, when providing hints for mode of "FI_CONTEXT|FI_CONTEXT2", if the corresponding bits are cleared in the returned fi_info struct, then there is no requirement for providing a fi_context/fi_context2 struct ahead of any context used by the application.

What I am seeing when invoking fi_sendv / fi_recvv is that it is, in fact, using context for internal purposes. The context the application provides is overwritten during the function execution and differs after the call returns.

If I provide an fi_context2 struct ahead of the application context, then things appear to behave as expected.

So, I'm assuming that I've stumbled upon a bug here.


Derek Shinaberry
Senior Software Engineer, Platform Software
Canon Medical Research USA, Inc.
706 N. Deerpath Drive, Vernon Hills, IL 60061, USA

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