[libfabric-users] fi_pingpong between different endianess

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Nov 2 08:59:28 PDT 2021

> I am playing around with the fi_pingpong utility between two machines with different
> endianness.
> This does not seem to work, the client exits with:
> libfabric:16080:core:core:fi_getinfo_():1065<warn> fi_getinfo: provider sockets
> returned -61 (No data available)
> and the server with:
> [error] util/pingpong.c:522 : ctrl/read: no data or remote connection closed
> The man page for fi_rxm(7) does note that different byte orders are not supported.
> Before I look any further: do other providers support it? I've tried sockets, tcp and
> udp, with the appropriate endpoint types, to no avail.

Rxm checks if the endianness is the same, and if not, fails the connection.  UDP doesn't add protocol, so will work.  TCP handles endianness differences, but is optimized for it being the same.  I tried checking sockets, but couldn't easily figure out if endianness is handled.

I don't know if the pingpong test, or any of the fabtests, handle different endianness.

- Sean

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