[libfabric-users] netdir / fi_cq_signal not implemented

dshinaberry at MRU.MEDICAL.CANON dshinaberry at MRU.MEDICAL.CANON
Fri Nov 5 10:40:43 PDT 2021

So, then creating another issue flagged as a bug would make sense for this?


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] RE: netdir / fi_cq_signal not implemented

> Calling fi_cq_signal for the netdir provider returns -FI_ENOSYS 
> indicating that it is unimplemented. Is this just an example of the 
> lightly exercised netdir provider needing some TLC?

Yes.  The provider has only a single user, and that user developed the provider specifically for their needs.

> Is there a programmatic way to discover unimplemented functions in 
> order to try to adapt at runtime? Or does one just need to discover 
> this the old fashioned way like I did? 😉

The programmatic way is to use the fi_getinfo call and check capability bits, but that only works for functions intended to be optional.

- Sean

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