[libfabric-users] FI_MR_ENDPOINT question

Welch, Steve welch at hpe.com
Thu Sep 1 08:05:16 PDT 2022

Hi John,

You mention messaging (send/recv) in your question; if FI_MR_LOCAL is not required, then for those operations the registration for local access is transparent to the client and multiple EP within the same domain/VA space could transparently share the underlying DMA mapping.

For RMA (write/read/amo) where remote MR are explicitly registered, bound and enabled, there is a good discussion here:


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Subject: [libfabric-users] FI_MR_ENDPOINT question

For machines that set the FI_MR_ENDPOINT flag - we must bind memory regions to an endpoint.

If I use a separate endpoint for sending and receiving, or worse, threadlocal endpoints (for sending), or a scalable endpoint (for sending)

Must I only use memory regions bound to the exact endpoint I'm actually using for a send  or receive operation (meaning threadlocal pools of registered memory for a threadlocal endpoint setup and separate pools of memory for send/receive).

How strict are the rules? If I bind memory to endpoint 1, and send using endpoint 2 - will it break?


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