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Coulter, Susan K skc at lanl.gov
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The WebEx meetings for the XWG and Board calls have been working quite well.
Why don't I just use that same process to create the next TPC meetings.
Lemme know and I'll get it done today ... no more research or legwork necessary.

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I'm following up to get more info on Citrix go-to-meeting. A question occurred to me which I think *could* be helpful, but I'm not sure. I know Intel uses Outlook and Lync and it's a bit of an effort to do anything different. Are there other practices or restrictions I should be aware of when investigating collaboration tools?

thanks and regards, Jim

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"I have never had success with Lync. I think a lot of this is because companies seem to use old versions. Eg Cray is using 2010. But even today 'Skype for Business' explicitly does not support Linux, so I'd just as soon avoid it.."

AGREED!  It just happened to be the only collaboration tool to which I had access for purposes of the TPC (on short notice, for short duration).  I would not suggest it as any kind of a solution, though.

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Hi Jim,

Some thoughts on OFA conferencing.

My personal preference right now is Google Hangouts. This is mostly because Google has open sourced and bundled the client side into Google Chrome so it works on every OS out of the box. But it is nice to use and screenshares well.

Citrix Go-To-Meeting is my next preference because they have a HTML 5 web client that works basically universally on Google Chrome. Paid options have a traditional POTS call in option as well as a Windows App client for users that cannot use Chrome.

Cisco WebEx is a distant third. I have yet to see a HTML 5 version of this (they still use Java, ugh), so it never works reliably for me on Linux - but their mobile app is quite reasonable.

I have never had success with Lync. I think a lot of this is because companies seem to use old versions. Eg Cray is using 2010. But even today 'Skype for Business' explicitly does not support Linux, so I'd just as soon avoid it..

For what it is worth, I switched a non-profit board I am on to Google Apps for non-profit this year and we are very happy. We switched from Go-To-Meeting to Hangounts quite trivially and the real-time shared collaboration via Google Docs makes the sort of meeting we had today very smooth. Google Apps is free for US 501(c)(3) non-profits.

(I guess they call it G Suite now)

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