[Ofa_boardplus] Calendar for future TPC meetings

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> On Oct 7, 2016, at 3:16 PM, Paul Grun <grun at cray.com> wrote:
> I want to thank everybody on the To: line for an especially productive session this morning.  We discussed the schedule for upcoming meetings; given the shortness of the time, I would like to suggest that we shoot for two meetings per week for the first three weeks in November, after which there will be a hiatus.  Possibly Monday and Wednesday or Thursday?
> During the meeting, I asked several of you to jot down a few sentences outlining an idea you suggested today.  To keep it simple and reduce the burden, please feel free to just blurt out a few lines of stream-of-consciousness.  We’ll be iterating on these ideas in our next several meetings.  For the time being, please use the TO: list of this email as a pseudo-TPC mailing list.

Soon, there will be new options for connecting accelerators and other devices within a node. Some will provide coherent access whiles others do not. One example of coherent access is the CCIX (pronounced See-Six) Consortium:





How can coherently connected devices access RDMA networks or be exposed to the RDMA network?

> To those who are not on the TO: list but wish to be included, please do a ‘reply all’ and I’ll add you to the list.  The demands on your time are not great (other than a couple of meetings a week for a few weeks) but the rewards may be.
> Thanks again to everyone for the lively participation.
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