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Coulter, Susan K skc at lanl.gov
Wed Aug 16 15:07:56 PDT 2017

The meeting for tomorrow is cancelled, but here is some food for thought.

Our immediate priorities are:

1. Moving forward on the 2018 budget
2. Executive Director and Maintainer possibilities
3. Mission 
4. Plans for paying for what we deem important

As for #1, my thoughts are to use the preliminary budget and come to closure on that - perhaps without an ED or Maintainer.  The budget can be adjusted later by Board vote if necessary.  The current draft budget is attached.

In parallel, we can come to agreement on #2 per the job descriptions for ED and Maintainer.  To that end I have attached the current working ED description and taken a whack at a Maintainer description.  These are both still drafts.

We have a draft Mission statement for #3 .
Slightly modified to specifically exclude hardware, it looks something like this:
Create an environment where highly performant networking software and deployment strategies can be developed, enhanced, and integrated with new and emerging technologies

As to #4, we need to begin to speak the correct language around this topic (Thanx Jim Ryan).
To that end, I found some information and guidelines about "cash reserves" for non-profits.
There are a couple links below.  
We are a different beast than most non-profits, so some nimble thinking will be required.
We should give some careful thought to what we think the appropriate cash reserve is for the OFA.
That will, in turn, inform whether we have any funds currently available to jump start opportunities for possible paid staff positions - and how we plan on funding any new expenditures in a fiscally responsible manner.


Our next XWG meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 24.
Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 31.

Susan Coulter
HPC-DES / Network
Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Once in a while you get shown the light
  In the strangest of places if you look at it right"
Robert Hunter
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