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Byrne, John (Labs) john.l.byrne at hpe.com
Thu Jul 19 11:44:36 PDT 2018

On my iPhone with Safari (shown below), I get no hint there is any content lurking below, but if you happen to scroll down, it looks good. Firefox on iPhone shows a blue box without the logo and renders the rest of the home page very badly and is unusable. Chrome looks about like Safari, but I can see the beginning of the blue box below since there is no tool bar at the bottom, but, again, no real hint there is more content below. Noodling around a bit with Chrome and Safari there are no obvious other problems than the "gray zone" on the home page. I didn't bother with Firefox.

On the my Windows 10 PC with Chrome, the blue and orange content boxes render farther below the top picture the taller my browser window is, so maybe this in play.

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