[Ofa_boardplus] XWG meeting minutes 11/29

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Thu Nov 29 13:23:57 PST 2018

A tiny nit – the second to approve the minutes was Christoph.

Another small-ish nit - People are dismayed at how hard it is to test things RDMA-related especially by newbies, complicated by the need to buy HW.

I think it’s a little more than just testing.  There’s no easy way to experiment with RDMA and learn about it, without buying h/w.

Not-so-small nit - Gilad explained openRDMA doesn’t compete with the OFA. Rather it provides help for those wanting to use RDMA. They are not doing new development.

Rather, Gilad asserted that OpenRDMA doesn’t compete with the OFA because it is not doing new development. This is incorrect because the OFA’s mission is not limited to development.  Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of (e.g. RDMA).  No good argument was offered for why OpenRDMA should not be hosted by the OFA under the auspices of the existing OFVWG (which was originally requested by MLNX and is currently chaired by MLNX).

The OFA was originally formed specifically to foster the development, support, and adoption of RDMA and stands ready to continue doing so.  Nothing about that has changed in our mission.


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A very complex meeting, I hope I got it right

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