[Ofa_boardplus] Filling the IWG co-chair slot

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Wed Feb 6 14:01:00 PST 2019

Greetings - Tatyana Nikolova (Intel) has been nominated by Intel to fill one of the two IWG co-chair slots.
According to our current procedures and existing Bylaws, it's the Board's prerogative to fill WG chair positions, but we don't currently have a defined procedure for voting on working group co-chairs.  But we do have such a procedure for filling Officer vacancies.  So  we'll use the same procedure, which is as follows:

"For any Officer position which is vacant, or becomes vacant, outside of the regular annual voting cadence, such vacancy can be filled at any regularly scheduled Board Meeting provided that a nomination to fill such a vacancy is published to the appropriate email reflector no later than fourteen calendar days prior to the targeted Board Meeting.  Such a nomination shall serve as the beginning of a nomination period, with such nomination period to close 72 hours prior to the targeted Board Meeting.  All such nominations shall be captured in the Agenda for the targeted Board Meeting."

If it's not already clear, this email will serve as a nomination falling outside the fourteen day window.  Additional nominations, if any will be accepted until 72 hours prior to the February 21 Board meeting (i.e. Monday, 2/18/19 at 10AM PST).  And yes, that Monday is President's day, so please get your nominations in early.


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