[Ofa_boardplus] IMPORTANT - Special May Board of Directors Meeting proposed for 5/23/19. Please read. (RE: 5/16/19 OFA Monthly Board Meeting is cancelled)

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Fri May 17 12:58:17 PDT 2019

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When cancelling this month's Board meeting, I neglected to consider the upcoming OFA Officer elections, which are scheduled for the June Board meeting.  According to our agreed/voted process, nominations for OFA Officers are taken during the May Board meeting.

Therefore, I propose we hold a 'special' May Board meeting in the place of next week's XWG meeting (5/23/19).  If there are strong objections to doing so, please respond to the mailing list ASAP.

The rough agenda will be:

  *   Approve minutes from the April Board meeting
  *   Working Group reports
  *   Treasurer report
  *   Nominations for Vice Chair and Treasurer

As a process reminder, we nominate and elect the Vice Chair and the Treasurer in odd numbered years and the Chair and Secretary in even numbered years.
We have been without a Treasurer for quite some time with Jim Ryan in the role of acting Treasurer.  Jim is doing an excellent job of minding the books and making sure our bills are paid, but as he will remind us, as Acting Treasurer he is not in a policy making role, which is something we sorely need to round out our leadership team.  Please give serious thought to volunteering for this role.

My apologies for the oversight on this important point.

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Subject: [Ofa_boardplus] 5/16/19 OFA Monthly Board Meeting is cancelled

There are several topics in flight, but none requiring Board action now.

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