[Ofa_boardplus] DRAFT Bylaws for XWG review

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Mon Oct 7 23:25:30 PDT 2019

Within the next few hours, Revision 0.5 of the DRAFT Bylaws of the OpenFabrics Alliance will be available in the OFA's document repository.  You can reach the repository by going to https://www.Openfabrics.org --> Working Groups -->  OFA Board, select 'Board Work Group Files' --> Bylaws Update Project --> OFA Draft Bylaws Unified.
The filename is OFA Draft Bylaws Unified 2019_1007.docx

At Thursday's XWG meeting, the new draft will be introduced, procedural questions concerning the review process will be addressed, and questions or comments on the text of the draft will be entertained and discussed.  If needed the review of the document can proceed over the next several XWG meetings.

In the unlikely event that all goes perfectly smoothly, there is the (slim) possibility of conducting some votes at the upcoming Board meeting on 10/17/19.
This email serves as notice of possible votes related to the text and/or the procedures for reviewing and approving it. The earliest such votes, were they to occur, would be at the October Board Meeting on 10/17/19.

Jim, I will send you the draft under separate cover, please push it up to the Repo at your earliest convenience.

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Cray, Inc.
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