[Ofa_boardplus] Important message re; DRAFT Bylaws and October 17 & 24 OFA Meetings - Please read

Paul Grun grun at cray.com
Fri Oct 11 15:23:14 PDT 2019

We are embarking on the final steps of updating our Bylaws.  These steps are:

  1.  Adopt the draft of the Bylaws and advance to the next step
  2.  OFA Legal Counsel Review
  3.  Promoter Member Organization Review
  4.  Final Adoption
The objective is to complete this by the December Board meeting on 12/19/2019.

Attached are the minutes from yesterday's OFA XWG meeting.  I am sending them directly to you because they contain important information related to the Bylaws; specifically the detailed timeline:

     *   17 October 2019---XWG Discussion and Review
     *   24 October 2019---Board Approval of Draft Document
     *   7 November 2019 (Tentative)---OFA Legal Review complete
        *   7 November 2019 (Tentative)---Resulting Edits
     *   5 December (Tentative)---Member Review ends
        *   5 December (Tentative)---Resulting Edits
     *   19 December (Tentative)---Final Board Approval

PLEASE NOTE:  The October Board Meeting is delayed by one week until OCTOBER 24th to allow folks time to read and comment on the draft Bylaws.  Accordingly, next Thursday's meeting (October 17th) will be an XWG meeting devoted to beginning discussion any issues you may have with the draft.

Notice the process to which we've agreed:  The vote currently scheduled for OCTOBER 24th is to allow us to advance the DRAFT to legal and membership reviews. This is NOT the final vote.  Following the October 24th vote, there will be a review by the OFA's legal counsel, and a membership review.
The schedule shown allows two weeks for OFA legal counsel review, and one month for membership review.  The membership review should include whatever internal review each member deems necessary, including any internal legal review.

I have attached a copy of the draft Bylaws document here for your convenience.  It can also be found on the OFA website at:
https://www.openfabrics.org --> Working Groups --> OFA Board --> Board Work Group Files (red icon) --> Bylaws Update Project --> OFA Draft Bylaws Unified 2019_1007.docx


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