[Ofa_boardplus] XWG for tomorrow is cancelled, synopsis of recent activities

Grun, Paul paul.grun at hpe.com
Thu Feb 6 04:58:49 PST 2020

There is lots of activity going on in the background, but nothing worthy of an XWG discussion at this point.  Here's a short synopsis of some of the myriad irons in the fire:

  1.  Bylaws - we spoke with the lawyer last week and are awaiting a new draft of the Bylaws.  This is expected momentarily.
  2.  Intellectual Rights Policy - This has emerged as a key issue that needs to be addressed hand-in-hand with the Bylaws.  There was a very productive meeting with the lawyer last week, who believes that our IPR policy should be straightforward.  We are expecting a draft policy from him momentarily.
  3.  Gen-Z MOU - This has taken on renewed energy due to (among other things) a vigorous push by Michael Aguilar.  We are now discussing two specific deliverables to be included in the MOU with regular meetings to iron out the details.  Expect results on this very soon.
  4.  Interop Program - This initiative desperately needs a new name!  Thanks to the efforts of the small team working this led by Tatyana Nikolova along with Doug Ledford, we now have a fairly specific proposal, and have begun an outreach to a small number of potential vendors of services to support the new program.  There are several workshop sessions devoted to this project, and work is underway to present a specific proposal to the XWG for discussion and to the Board for approval.
  5.  Workshop - The program for the Workshop is shaping up beautifully under the watchful eye of Jim Ryan.  As you saw yesterday, approximately 30 sessions have been accepted for the Workshop, to be presented in concert with a very rich program of tutorials designed to increase the size of our community.  The complete agenda will be published shortly.
I may have forgotten one or two items among the blizzard of activity.

-Paul Grun
OFA Chair

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