[Ofa_boardplus] June Schedule for XWG and Board meetings

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Brief reminder:  There will be an XWG meeting tomorrow, 6/18/2020 (agenda forthcoming shortly), and there will be a Board meeting next Thursday, 6/25/2020.
Both of these meetings are unusually important.  Please make every effort to attend both.  In addition to the election, we will be making important decisions regarding the FSDP program.

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As discussed at today's XWG meeting, we are making the following schedule changes for June:
6/11/2020 - XWG meeting is Cancelled due to the Workshop.  I hope to see everyone there.
6/18/2020 - XWG meeting in place of the scheduled Board meeting.  The rough agenda is:

  *   Discuss Interop Team's recommendation for a vendor for the FSDP program.
  *   Workshop debrief, schedule a post mortem, consider holding a virtual workshop next year?
6/25/2020 - Board meeting (re-scheduled from 6/18). Rough agenda:

  *   Adopt FSDP recommendation for a vendor for the FSDP program
  *   Elections - elect a new Chair, (re-)elect a Secretary
  *   Elections - fill the newly vacated Vice Chair position, fill the vacant Treasurer position.
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